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Show Your Teeth Some Love in St. Augustine, FL!

The teeth are a wonder. Despite their size and appearance, they can apply and withstand pressure to cut or grind foods easily. Although it is not advised to use the teeth as tools, they can break ice cubes and open bottles or plastic packets. Without these little chompers, people would not be able to get […]

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Dental Cleanings and Checkups in St. Augustine, FL: What You Fail to Know

St. Augustine FL Dentist

Oral assessment, preventive treatments, and teeth cleanings – people often anticipate these when going to the dentist for a regular dental appointment. Everyone already knows the things to expect inside the dental clinic. However, there is more to regular dental checkups than just sitting in the dental chair for several minutes while receiving the necessary […]

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Must-Know Information About Gum Disease – St. Augustine, FL

woman after a dental procedure

Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, manifests as a bacterial growth in the mouth which if left unattended can progress into a serious complication. The structures that support the teeth will gradually deteriorate leading to tooth loss. Many people experience the condition but often disregard the earliest signs and treat it as a normal occurrence. […]

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Teeth Whitening in St. Augustine, FL: Causes, Prevention, Aftercare Tips

People who wish to brighten their teeth may be tempted to opt for DIY hacks, over the counter products, and home remedies that promise effective whitening. However, most dentists suggest that these methods should be avoided as much as possible for it can be harmful to the teeth and soft tissues. It also has lesser […]

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How to Tell If You Need Root Canal Therapy in St. Augustine, FL

Do you find yourself trembling at the thought of undergoing a root canal therapy? Millions of knees probably start to quiver by just simply hearing the term “root canal.” Often, people associate the procedure with intense, excruciating pain. But in reality, it is not the treatment itself that is painful – it is a severe […]

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Three Funny Brushing Styles and What It Says About You in St. Augustine, FL

When talking about styles, extravagant fabrics, fancy dresses, and pieces of jewelry usually pop up to the people’s mind. Fashion is interesting! However, let’s not just focus on the outer appearance. Giving greater importance to the canvas, the inner self, before beautifying it on the outside is far better. Part of taking care of one’s […]

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What You Don’t Know About Halitosis in St. Augustine, FL

Having an unpleasant smell from the mouth is distracting. It affects one’s self-esteem. Ever seen of a person covering the mouth while talking? Sometimes it could be understandable while some might find it irritating and awkward. Halitosis, if not cured, will continue to drop one’s confidence and well-being. Salt Run Family Dentistry offers Halitosis Treatment […]

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Dental Crowns in St. Augustine, FL: Tips for its Proper Care

Dental Crowns

Crowns are considered as a symbolic headwear worn by deities or monarchs that signifies power, triumph, and more. In dentistry, there are also Crowns, but they are worn over a tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage. They are used as a dental restoration procedure for teeth that are too damaged for a […]

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Cracked Tooth Repair At Its Finest – St. Augustine, FL

The tooth’s enamel is the strongest part of the entire body, although it consists the same components as of the bone it is still considered the strongest. It is due to the fact that the Enamel is highly mineralized, consisting mainly of calcium and phosphate. The teeth’s enamel may be the hardest, but it can […]

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