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What You Don’t Know About Halitosis in St. Augustine, FL

Having an unpleasant smell from the mouth is distracting. It affects one’s self-esteem. Ever seen of a person covering the mouth while talking? Sometimes it could be understandable while some might find it irritating and awkward. Halitosis, if not cured, will continue to drop one’s confidence and well-being.

Salt Run Family Dentistry offers Halitosis Treatment for patients who want to put an end to bad breath. There are specific factors why one suffers from halitosis. It might be due to poor oral hygiene and diet, or an unhealthy lifestyle and other health conditions. Whatever the culprit may be, Salt Run Family Dentistry can ensure effective and reliable treatment for all patients. This condition can sometimes be the cause of bacteria build-up from uneliminated food debris in the areas of the mouth. To aid this, we perform a deep cleaning procedure to guarantee a clean, healthy mouth and fresher breath for our patients!

What people may not know is that halitosis have different types and could be an indication of some serious health conditions. The dentist can identify the smell of the patient’s breath which is a great help to pinpoint the origin. The smells were classified into seven types. The cheesy smell of the breath means that the culprit comes from the nasal. A fruity smell is due to diabetes while the fishy smell and the scent of ammonia indicates kidney disease. An acidic smell might be a sign of asthma. A sweet, musty odor has something to do with the liver and a fecal odor to bowel obstruction. The tongue is often the spot of undesirable breath. Food debris, dead skin cells, and post-nasal drip usually settle on the back of the tongue. Aside from the tongue, bad breath can also reside in-between the teeth and under the gums. To prevent this from happening, always practice proper oral hygiene. Make brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing a habit. By doing this, bacterias in the mouth that causes halitosis can be eliminated. A person who has gum disease might also affect its breath. It is important to seek the dentist’s help for gum disease treatment immediately. Since most of the bacterias that cause halitosis stay on the tongue, including tongue scraping on the daily oral care routine are also helpful.

Maintaining good oral health is the first step in achieving a fresher breath and waving goodbye to halitosis. However, one cannot do this at home alone. For bad breath-free mouth, the help of a professional dental hygienist is necessary.


Feel confident and healthy with your mouth and teeth! Salt Run Family Dentistry is happy to be of service to our patients for their Halitosis Treatment in St. Augustine. We are located at 700 Anastasia Blvd St. Augustine FL 32080.