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Wisdom Teeth Removal: What to Expect Prior to the Procedure

wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third row of molars or found at the farthest end of the dental arches. They were called “wisdom teeth” because they usually show up when an individual becomes a young adult. These are the last set of teeth to erupt. Sometimes these teeth can be useful to the mouth when erupted […]

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What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

Dental visits must be relaxing and comfortable; this is not only for the benefit of patients but for the dentist as well. Sadly, it may be difficult for many people to have this experience since the fear of dental appointments is prevalent. For this reason, we at Salt Run Family Dentistry offers sedation dentistry to […]

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Tips to Successfully Recover from a Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment

Out of all the services offered under dentistry, there is a particular solution that is often misunderstood by a lot of people. As a result, they were not able to take advantage of its benefits. Contrary to what most people think, root canal treatment is not as scary or as painful. Besides with its help, […]

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Thinking of Getting Porcelain Veneers? Here Are More Reasons to Do So!

teeth cleanings service

One dental procedure that most people, even celebrities, consider when it comes to enhancing their smiles is veneers. For years, the said prosthesis has helped numerous people get their dream smiles. However, there is more to veneers than just improving smile aesthetics. Most people may not even know about these benefits, so we at Salt […]

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Tips in Avoiding Possible Dental Emergencies – St. Augustine, FL

As much as possible, anyone would want to avoid experiencing something painful. Who would want to feel pain anyway? However, as careful as one can be, emergencies can happen. For example, despite the precautions taken before a game, injury can still occur due to the physical contact involved. That is why athletes are encouraged to […]

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What Causes Bad Breath? – St. Augustine, FL

  Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t help but cover your nose to filter the stinky breath of someone talking close to you? It’s quite annoying, but on the other side, feeling pity for that person is normal. Bad breath is no joke—it can ruin the life of anybody. But why […]

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Show Your Teeth Some Love in St. Augustine, FL!

The teeth are a wonder. Despite their size and appearance, they can apply and withstand pressure to cut or grind foods easily. Although it is not advised to use the teeth as tools, they can break ice cubes and open bottles or plastic packets. Without these little chompers, people would not be able to get […]

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Dental Cleanings and Checkups in St. Augustine, FL: What You Fail to Know

St. Augustine FL Dentist

Oral assessment, preventive treatments, and teeth cleanings – people often anticipate these when going to the dentist for a regular dental appointment. Everyone already knows the things to expect inside the dental clinic. However, there is more to regular dental checkups than just sitting in the dental chair for several minutes while receiving the necessary […]

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Must-Know Information About Gum Disease – St. Augustine, FL

woman after a dental procedure

Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, manifests as a bacterial growth in the mouth which if left unattended can progress into a serious complication. The structures that support the teeth will gradually deteriorate leading to tooth loss. Many people experience the condition but often disregard the earliest signs and treat it as a normal occurrence. […]

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