MTM (Minor Tooth Movement)

MTM Clear Dental Aligners

Are slight misalignments such as crowding or spaces between your front teeth keeping you from smiling with confidence? If you answered “yes,” there’s good news. The MTM (Minor Tooth Movement) Clear Dental Aligner represents a breakthrough orthodontic treatment that gently moves teeth into place.

Removable orthodontic aligners such as the MTM clear aligner are part of a generation of esthetically driven orthodontic appliances. In particular, the MTM Clear Aligner has an “open pathway” type of architecture, and focuses on movement of anterior teeth through distinct “pressure points” on teeth. While each treatment plan will vary, most patients are instructed to wear the aligner for 20 hours each day, and a new aligner will be worn during each additional phase. Without traditional brackets, wires, or bands, the MTM Aligner is virtually undetectable, allowing for discreet treatment. Yet, its affordability is perhaps the greatest surprise of all.

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Straighten Teeth With Clear Removable Aligners

mtm clear aligner
Fabricated to align teeth per a treatment plan designed specifically for you, the MTM Clear Dental Aligner is quickly gaining popularity among teens and adults with minor misalignments of the front teeth. In a nutshell, clear dental aligners provide the following advantages:

  • Clear Aligners can be removed, allowing patients to eat and speak normally while receiving orthodontic treatment.
  • Clear Aligners are easy to clean.
  • Clear Aligners are made from a soft plastic-like material, and will not irritate soft tissues in the mouth.
  • Clear Aligners provide a barrier against tooth wear by preventing patients from grinding their teeth.

For a fraction of the time and cost of other aligner systems or traditional methods, teeth become straighter progressively in phases where a new aligner is introduced. Patients avoid the discomfort of adjustments and the hassle of brushing and flossing around pesky brackets and wires. Thus, maintaining proper oral care is made easy during treatment.

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