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Three Funny Brushing Styles and What It Says About You in St. Augustine, FL

When talking about styles, extravagant fabrics, fancy dresses, and pieces of jewelry usually pop up to the people’s mind. Fashion is interesting! However, let’s not just focus on the outer appearance. Giving greater importance to the canvas, the inner self, before beautifying it on the outside is far better.

Part of taking care of one’s self is implementing the right hygiene to the body including the mouth. Since dental health is the key to maintain overall well-being, it is necessary to pay much attention to it. Cleanings & Checkups at Salt Run Family Dentistry must be done to ensure that the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and the entire mouth as well. During the procedure, the dental professionals will also check if there are any signs of potential oral diseases that might intervene in our patients’ healthy smiles.




However, it is normal for people to develop undesirable habits. Proper oral hygiene is sometimes not a big deal to some that they even take it for granted. But did you know that your manner of brushing says something about yourself? We at Salt Run Family Dentistry listed down three of the funniest brushing styles and what it means about one’s personality.

The Distracted. “Physically present, but mentally absent.” It’s what describes the first brushing style. Yes, you might be brushing all of the upper teeth, but you kept on doing it over and over again and ended up forgetting to clean the lower teeth and some other areas because your mind is preoccupied with some other stuff. Guilty? As a person, perhaps, you are more likely to be full of ideas, but with regards to the basics of everyday life, such as ensuring that your monthly bills are paid, you’re not exactly a bootstrapper.

The Living Foamy Cappuccino. You want it extra thick, so you squeeze a handful amount of toothpaste on top of the toothbrush bristles and let the foam cover your mouth and chin. While it may look like shaving cream, it’s gross! Nevertheless, your personality might be joyful and childish. You take delight in small things. When it comes to relationships, you are admired for being charming and romantic. But watch your gestures, kid!

The Busy Person. Multi-tasking is what you are good at. Managing showers, calls, and tooth brushing at the same time is easy for you. Just make sure not to come out of the bathroom without rinsing your body, okay? But hey, after all, it’s a productive day!

Brushing the teeth may not be the most fun and enjoyable thing to do but believe it or not, every time you try to do it, your mouth thanks you!


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Cleanings & Checkups services in St. Augustine, FL. Book your appointment with us at Salt Run Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth!