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What Causes Bad Breath? – St. Augustine, FL


Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t help but cover your nose to filter the stinky breath of someone talking close to you? It’s quite annoying, but on the other side, feeling pity for that person is normal. Bad breath is no joke—it can ruin the life of anybody. But why do people get an unpleasant smell in their mouths? Find out below.


The Causes Of Bad Breath

Examining the cause of bad breath is the first thing that we at Salt Run Family Dentistry do before treating the condition. After finding out the factor that contributes to the undesirable smell in our patients’ mouths, we will then craft a treatment plan that suits their unique needs. Some of the usual causes of bad breath include:

Periodontal Disease

Bad breath takes place because of the presence of bacteria in the mouth. In the same way, these microorganisms are also one of the reasons why gum disease occur. Until the periodontal problem is not treated, its symptom—bad breath—will not go away. Therapies for gum disease is available in our clinic. Our dentist commonly cures our patient’s bad breath and periodontal disease using the mentioned dental service.


Poor saliva flow in the mouth can increase the person’s chance of accumulating bad breath. Xerostomia, a condition where the mouth gets dry, is a possible root of bad breath. People with dry mouths are advised to munch sugarless gums or drink lots of water to regulate saliva.

Food Intake

Eating food that gives off a strong odor can cause the breath to smell unpleasant. Those who can’t limit or cut their intake of spicy, dairy, high-fat foods and other drinks with aromatic flavors are intended to practice proper oral hygiene regularly. That way, they will not be able to compromise their breaths.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing are three essential steps that everyone should observe to avoid oral complications and bad breath. But if the person fails to take care of their dental health, we can provide them with professional teeth cleaning to eliminate unnecessary buildups.


Are you struggling with bad breath? Set an appointment with us at Salt Run Family Dentistry and let us provide you with Halitosis Treatment in St. Augustine, FL.