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Answering the Questions About Composite Fillings

composite fillings

The use of composite fillings is becoming progressively popular when it comes to repairing the damage caused by decaying teeth. This is because composite fillings closely resemble the color of the natural tooth; thus, they can be used to fill the front and back teeth. Another reason is that these fillings do not contain any mercury. Having fillings with mercury is dangerous because it can cause long-term health effects due to the gassing of mercury over time. 

If you plan to avail of composite fillings to restore decayed teeth, you may have some questions in mind. For that reason, Salt Run Family Dentistry has compiled some answers to the questions you might have. Read on to know more! 

What are the advantages of composite fillings?

Perhaps the most advantageous thing about composite fillings is their cosmetic benefit. Your dentist can create a filling that perfectly matches the shade of your teeth, which in turn makes them look like a natural part of your smile. Like all fillings, composite fillings protect your teeth and help prevent sensitivity after the decayed portion of the tooth is removed. 

How long does it take to apply composite fillings?

There are a lot of factors that can determine the length it takes to get a composite filling. This includes the size of a cavity or fracture, the location, and the number of fillings needed. Generally, you’ll only need to prepare yourself to sit for an hour or more to get fillings. 

What is the process of getting composite fillings? 

After your teeth have been prepared, the composite filling is placed in layers. A specialized light will then be used to harden each layer. When the process is done, the dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. It is then polished to prevent staining and early wear.

Can composite fillings be repaired? 

Yes, they can be. If ever the composite fillings in your teeth start to degrade due to excessive grinding and chewing, there is nothing for you to worry about. Once your dentist notices degradation in the filling, they can clean the area and repair the filling. 


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