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CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns – St. Augustine, FL

Restore Your Smile in a Day

In the past, if you had an overly damaged or decayed tooth that required a dental crown, then you would need multiple appointments to have it created and placed. Thanks to more recent advancements in materials and technology, however, our team at Salt Run Family Dentistry can restore your smile in a day with CEREC same-day dental crowns! These resilient, customized caps are created with a special milling machine in-office so that you can protect and preserve your grin without any delays.

Continue reading to learn more about this technique, and feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or want to schedule your consultation.


Why Choose Salt Run Family Dentistry for CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

  • Digital Imaging for Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • High-Quality, Lifelike Ceramic Material
  • Flexible Financing Available

What are CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns?

Someone pulling a same-day dental crown from the milling machine

Dental crowns are resilient, customizable caps that are bonded over your pearly white to shield it from harm and restore its functionality. They’re often used when you have a tooth that’s:

  • Severely decayed or cracked.
  • Visibly worn down.
  • Experiencing pain or sensitivity.
  • Aesthetically flawed (stained, misshapen, etc.)
  • Has recently undergone a root canal.
  • As a cap over a dental implant.

Traditional dental crowns typically require two or more appointments because after your injured tooth is cleaned and prepped, impressions need to be taken and sent to a special lab to create your restoration. With CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, our experts can do the same thing on-site in a single visit. That means you won’t require a temporary dental crown in the meantime while you wait, and there’s less opportunity for bacteria to penetrate your vulnerable tooth.

The Process of Getting a CEREC Same-Day Dental Crown

 Hands placing solid block of ceramic into milling machine

Typically, the process of getting your restoration in-office includes the following steps:

  • Our team will apply a local anesthetic to numb the area, first.
  • Then, we’ll prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of enamel so your crown fits correctly on top of it.
  • One of our dentists will take digital impressions that generate a 3D model of your injured tooth.
  • This information is sent to the milling machine, which crafts your dental crowns from a solid ceramic block. This takes into account the size, color, shape, and alignment of your natural teeth.
  • Once it’s completed, you’ll try on the restoration so we can make any last-minute adjustments as needed. Then we’ll bond it in place and send you on your way!

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Dental mirror leaning on a large model tooth on a white surface with a blurry background

There are many benefits to getting same-day crowns in St. Augustine, including:

  • You’ll only need one appointment to complete the repair from start to finish instead of two or more like the traditional method.
  • Digital impressions. Standard impressions require biting down on a tray of putty, which many patients find unpleasant. CEREC uses digital imaging for this step to enhance your comfort and create a more accurate restoration.
  • Boost your confidence. The beautiful ceramic material reflects light just like enamel, so no one can tell the difference. Plus, it’s color-matched to your smile for a flawless finish.
  • Protection. Your damaged tooth is shielded from potential harm so that you can continue to eat, speak, and smile normally.
  • You might think because they’re made in a day that they won’t last as long as traditional crowns, but these can endure for 20 to 30 years with basic maintenance.