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Salt Run Family Dentistry Blog

How Have Dentures Evolved Over the Years?

January 12, 2024

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People have fretted over their missing teeth ever since they learned to recognize their own reflections, and they have tried various means to replace them ever since. Some ancient cultures replaced teeth by driving animal teeth or seashell shards into the gums, but these primitive dental implants had inconsistent success at best. While removable false teeth have been around for more than two thousand years, they have not always been as comfortable and lifelike as they are today. Here’s a brief outline of how dentures have evolved over time.


What to Do If Your Veneer Fell Off

December 30, 2023

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person whose veneer fell off getting it fixed

Enhancing your smile, veneers prove to be an excellent solution, concealing cosmetic concerns such as chips, cracks, gaps, minor misalignments, and stains. Despite their usefulness and durability, veneers are not immune to damage. If your veneer has fallen off and you’re uncertain about the next steps, explore these four tips to safeguard your smile from further harm and manage the situation until you can consult with your dentist.


5 Popular Holiday Drinks That Can Hurt Your Veneers

December 19, 2023

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person sipping holiday drink

As the festive season approaches, it’s crucial to navigate the joyous celebrations with a mindful eye on our oral health. In the spirit of merriment, we often indulge in various holiday drinks that bring warmth and cheer. However, particularly for those who have porcelain veneers, it’s essential to exercise caution and awareness. Read on as we shed light on five holiday drinks that, if not approached with caution, could pose risks to your veneers.


Dazzling Dentures: Tips for a Stain-Free Smile

December 7, 2023

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An older woman smiling with her stain-free dentures

Dentures provide a lifeline for patients with multiple missing teeth, but just like natural teeth, they can stain over time. Maintaining the brightness of your dentures requires some care and attention beyond simple tooth-brushing.

If you want to learn the easiest and most effective ways to prevent stains and keep your dentures looking bright, continue reading.


Be Thankful for Spit: Celebrating Saliva’s Contribution to Oral Health

November 17, 2023

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A family enjoying Thanksgiving while appreciating their saliva

As Thanksgiving approaches and your family reflects on what they’re grateful for, it’s unlikely that saliva is on that list. Yet, this often-overlooked fluid plays an important role in protecting your oral health. It’s time to take a moment and give this crafty concoction the recognition it deserves!

If you’re curious about why saliva is the real hero of the hour, continue reading. You’ll learn more than you ever thought there was to know about your spit.

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