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Thinking of Getting Porcelain Veneers? Here Are More Reasons to Do So!

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One dental procedure that most people, even celebrities, consider when it comes to enhancing their smiles is veneers. For years, the said prosthesis has helped numerous people get their dream smiles. However, there is more to veneers than just improving smile aesthetics. Most people may not even know about these benefits, so we at Salt Run Family Dentistry decided to list them down.

But first things first. To those who are new to veneers, these are thin shell-like prosthesis made of materials like composite or porcelain. They are molded to fit the front portion of the enamel based on the correction a particular patient is aiming for. Since we only aim for what’s best for our patients, our practice offers veneers that are made from porcelain materials for better results.


Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Natural-looking results

The natural enamel appears translucent, and fortunately, porcelain veneers can mimic this exact property. As a result, when the said veneer is placed, it would blend in with the adjacent structures without any problem. Compared to the other dental materials available, only porcelain can provide the said feature making it the ideal choice.

Quick results

The placement of porcelain veneers usually needs only two visits. The first one is for consultation, tooth preparation, and impression taking. On the other hand, the second appointment is for the installation and necessary adjustments. There is no need for recovery time, only to wait for the customization of the prosthesis at an off-site laboratory.

Correct multiple teeth imperfections

What’s amazing about veneers is, it can correct issues that supposedly require dental crowns, orthodontic treatments, or teeth whitening single-handedly! Dentists can customize a treatment plan for each patient to make sure that the results achieved are what they desire.


As long as the patient observes proper oral care and maintenance, veneers can last for ten to fifteen years or even longer! Plus, the stain resistant property of porcelain makes the need for replacements less frequent. What’s more is, veneers are durable enough that patients can enjoy most of the foods they like without much restriction!

All these benefits listed above are undeniably amazing. However, to make it work, the commitment and cooperation of the patient are highly essential.


Bring out your best smile with Porcelain Veneers in St. Augustine, FL, book your appointments with Salt Run Family Dentistry! Call or visit us to experience outstanding results to make your teeth look naturally beautiful and healthy.