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Why You Need a Dentist Who Offers Same Day Dentistry

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For optimal oral health, it is recommended that children and adults see a dentist twice a year for a routine checkup and professional dental cleaning. However, according to Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of a Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Survey, over 35% of the United States population fails to see a dentist even once a year. There are many factors that keep patients from seeing a dentist as often as they need to. Some may be unable to afford the cost, while others may be fearful of the dentist altogether. However, for a large majority of today’s modern families, it is a matter of convenience and time.

Same Day Dentistry for the Busy Family

If your calendar is your biggest obstacle to getting yourself and your family to the dental office, you need to find a dentist who offers same day dentistry. Same day dentistry means that the practice allows time in their daily schedule to see patients the same day they call. Whether you have children who have multiple activities and practices after school or you are a working adult who keeps a tight agenda, same day dentistry can be the solution you need. This allows you to get in to see a dentist when your child’s practice happens to get canceled or you suddenly have a long break between meetings to sit in the dental chair.

Great for Unexpected Dental Concerns

Same day dentistry can include other needed treatments besides routine cleanings. It is often used for those who experience a sudden dental emergency, such as a severe toothache, cracked tooth or other disruptive concern. A same day dentist understands the wide variety of needs that patients can have when it comes to their smile, and not all of them are predictable. Instead of waiting for days to address your dental discomfort or unsightly tooth damage, consider same day dentistry for prompt attention. This can often mean the difference in a conservative treatment as opposed to one that is more invasive and costly.

If you live in St. Augustine, you will find the convenience you need in dental care at Salt Run Family Dentistry. We proudly offer same day dentistry as part of our commitment to cater to your needs beyond your oral health.

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