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Tips in Avoiding Possible Dental Emergencies – St. Augustine, FL

As much as possible, anyone would want to avoid experiencing something painful. Who would want to feel pain anyway? However, as careful as one can be, emergencies can happen. For example, despite the precautions taken before a game, injury can still occur due to the physical contact involved. That is why athletes are encouraged to consider getting mouth protectors to prevent any severe injuries to their mouth. Aside from this, there are other easy things to observe and follow to avoid the occurrence of dental emergencies.


Ways to Prevent a Dental Emergency

The teeth are used for eating, not as scissors

People should never attempt to open even the simplest looking package with their teeth. Do know that many people have already experienced dislodged or damaged pearly whites whenever they used their teeth as tools.

Chewing or biting on inedible items

It is not a good idea to bite on a pen, ice, or jawbreaker candy since doing so increases a person’s chance of chipping or cracking their teeth. Once this happens, the enamel weakens, and sensitivity suddenly increases.

Incorporate healthy foods to your diet

Aside from foods that are good for the body, everyone should consider the consumption of mouth-friendly foods as well. For example, treats that are rich in fluoride and calcium help strengthen and protect the teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are also a good pick since they help in removing and washing away harmful substances that have accumulated in the mouth.

Consider a mouth protector (especially to those who love physical activities)

As already mentioned above, athletes are encouraged to have their mouth protected by wearing a certain oral appliance. Doing so not only protects their teeth from damage but it also helps them avoid spending a large amount of money for possible treatments or even restorations.

Always observe proper oral hygiene practices

The best protection starts at home; that is why it is essential for patients to practice proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing techniques. These simple yet highly effective routines should always be observed without fail for best results.

Never skip a dental appointment

Aside from all these tips mentioned above, it is still the best practice to schedule dental appointments every six months for the maintenance of the overall oral health. During visits, dentists can detect threats that can compromise the teeth and oral structures over time.

We at Salt Run Family Dentistry are committed to helping our patients when it comes to their oral wellness in any way that we can. Aside from assisting them to avoid possible emergencies, we can also handle immediate dental appointment for fast relief!


Prevention is always better than cure; however, emergencies can still happen anytime and anywhere. Let us at Salt Run Family Dentistry assist you with your immediate dental needs through our Emergency Dentistry services in St. Augustine, FL!