Smart Moves

Smart Moves Invisible Dental Aligners

Providing high predictability, minus the high cost, Smart Moves Invisible Dental Aligners offer superior patient comfort in a hard/soft aligner setup.

Smart, successful, and simple, orthodontic treatment using Smart Moves aligners is more affordable because there is no preset number of aligners to purchase. Patients only pay for the setups (two aligners) needed. The material of aligner #1 consists of an inner laminate, allowing for controlled movement of the anterior teeth. The highly elastic nature of this material also makes the aligner comfortable to place and wear. Invisacryl is part of aligner #2, and is a hard material aiding in the complete movement of teeth.

Salt Run Family Dentistry is excited to offer the Smart Moves Invisible Dental Aligners to patients with minor misalignments of the front teeth. Are you ready to start? The process is simple. Call us today.

Affordable Clear Teeth Aligner Solution

Smart Movers Invisible Hard / Soft Aligner System
The advanced technology of Smart Moves Dental Aligners allows for maximum movement of teeth—greater than that of any other aligner system. This means that fewer setups (two aligners) are needed to achieve a straighter smile. Simply put—greater movement with fewer setups means less costs to you!

With a pricing structure that benefits all patients, getting started is easy. Upper and lower impressions are taken, along with your prescription, and sent to a lab. Once your case is reviewed, your aligners will arrive by mail. The number of aligners for your case depends on the treatment plan and evaluation by your dentist. Typically, patients pay $100 per setup, and they can expect up to 1 mm. of movement with the first setup. In comparison to other aligner systems, 1 mm. is twice the amount of movement noted within the same amount of time. Thus, for the right candidate, Smart Moves is a smart solution for straightening teeth.

For more information about the Smart Moves aligner system, contact Salt Run Family Dentistry today to schedule your orthodontic consultation. We look forward to discussing this extraordinary and affordable system with you.

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