Gum Disease

There are a number of treatment options available when gum disease is present. A complete examination of your mouth as part of your general dental care will be necessary before we can recommend the best course of treatment. Below are the types of treatments available.

  • Scaling and root planing
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Pocket elimination surgery
  • Dental implants

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Periodontitis or periodontal disease is often simply called gum disease. The word “periodontal” simply refers to the structures that are located around the teeth, and of course we all know that the gums surround the teeth. However, this inflammatory condition also involves other soft tissue and supporting tissue inside your mouth. The jawbone itself can even be affected by advanced stages of periodontal disease.

If you notice any of the following situations, please call to get advice from your dentist at Salt Run Family Dentistry.

  • Bleeding without explanation
  • Redness, swelling or pain
  • Teeth that look long
  • Halitosis or bad breath
  • Change in bite pattern or loose teeth
  • Pus

Gum disease can cause a host of other, more serious problems we know you’d prefer to avoid. Good oral hygiene is the best place to start for prevention; calling us to help you get back on track is another. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment with your dentist at Salt Run Family Dentistry!

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