Root Canal Therapy

The inside of each tooth contains soft tissue and nerves running from the root to the crown. A crack, deep cavity, or other injury to a tooth can cause the nerve to become damaged and eventually it will get infected. Without general dental care, patients can experience extreme pain, swelling and abscesses, tooth loss, and eventually even damage to the surrounding bone. Your St. Augustine dentist at Salt Run Family Dentistry will do everything necessary to save your tooth by gently removing damaged tissue and nerves, then carefully cleaning and sealing it to protect it from bacteria. In most cases, root canals are no more uncomfortable than getting a filling and we offer comfort options to put you in a calm, relaxed state while performing this simple procedure.

Root Canals Are Not Painful – Infected Teeth Are Painful!

Are you experiencing persistent pain in an area around a single tooth? If so, I’m sorry to say, you may need a root canal. At Salt Run Family Dentistry, we know this can be one of the scariest phrases a dentist can utter. Despite the negative connotations people have associated with root canals, they’re actually one of the best ways to relieve pain and swelling inside the mouth caused by cavities and bacteria. Without treatment, loss of a tooth can be likely, as tooth decay reaching the pulp tissue inside the tooth causes infection.

The primary positive points about root canals are:

  • Relief from serious pain
  • Allow you to keep your natural tooth
  • Make it possible to maintain arch integrity so teeth don’t widen apart or shift to fill in gaps

If you are experiencing persistent pain and believe a root canal is your next option, contact us today to schedule your appointment. Our staff will do our best to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

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